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The Student Becomes The Teacher

I don’t need to say much else.

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Tiger “Unleashed”

Vanity Fair has the internets all abuzz with its new cover feturing a topless Tiger Woods. Peep the image above and I will share my thoughts soon.

Blogging from my BlackBerry… Who knew?

R.I.P. Vibe


By now, everyone has weighed in on what happened to Vibe magazine and why. So for the sake of brevity and because I don’t want to be one more voice bemoaning the end of print into the abyss, I will just say best wishes to everyone who has worked over there both past and present. Like many, I too grew up on the magazine, it influenced me greatly, I had the pleasure of writing for them and some of their former employees have become great colleagues, friends and mentors of mine.

Beyond that, here’s the official story about the magazine’s closing AND a really poignant take on what it means to a great writer who’s worked there. That is all.

Essence of Emil

Emil Wilbekin

For those of you who follow the media like its the NBA Finals, I am sure you’ve heard the news by now. But if not…

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I Apparently Don’t Know White Rappers

"Remember them?"

"Remember them?"

There isn’t much to say about this accept A) it is genius; and B) these white people know way more about white rappers than anyone should. LOL.

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Rome Is Burning

XXL magazine

I know about as well as anyone else how tough the media business is right now. It is sort of like the fall of the Roman empire (hence the title of this post). And if you don’t know how the Roman empire fell, then… well, that’s on you. All that said, here’s the latest media news.

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It’s An Honor Just To Be Honored

The Webby Awards

Life is funny… and awesome! That said, GIANT magazine (my former gig) has been *honored* for 2 Webby Awards categories.

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