Monthly Archives: February 2010

Wholetrain: Germany Goes Graff

I was feeling a little alliteral this afternoon. Anyway, if you’re in the NY tri-state area tomorrow (Feb. 16) and you like graffiti, Germans, indie flicks or a combination of the two, then you should check out a FREE screening of Wholetrain.

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The Student Becomes The Teacher

I don’t need to say much else.

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Citizen Cope’s “Healing Hands”

No sarcasm for this post. Just wanted to share some good music. I am going to try and do that more (no promises re: sarcasm). Citizen Cope is back. I have been a fan of his since he dropped his self-titled debut in 2002 and recently put some new people on to him. Well, he’s got a new album, The RainWater LP, out digitally today (Feb. 9). The first single is murky yet funky “Healing Hands” (listen below). You can thank me later.

Citizen Cope\’s \”Healing Hands\”