Reflections Are Eternal

This weekend, I attended a memorial service for a friend’s mother. While I never had the pleasure of meeting her, she was obvious an incredible woman of faith and compassion. Everyone who spoke at the service said wonderfully touching things about her (not to mention the fact that the service was standing room only). It got me to thinking, “Who’s lives have a touched in a way that when my time comes they will have the desire to speak of my effect on them?”

And I don’t mean that in a “what about me?” way but more in a “what meaningful thing have i done?” way. After 10 years in a business where you’re only good as your last hit/movie/headline/blogpost/tweet, it really makes you wonder about what really matters. This doesn’t mean I am going to give it all up, head to Haiti and turn my life over to missionary work BUT it does mean that whatever I do, whenever I do it, it will be meaningful in some real way to me… and hopefully others.


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