Timing is everything…

Happy New Year’s Eve 2010! I will explain the above pic in a second but first I have to say good riddance to 2009. For all the things that were positive, there was also far to much negativity in the last year so I am looking forward to starting anew. I hope you and yours are too.

So, funny enough the Grey Goose pic was taken New Year’s Eve 2003 (with the caption “It’s calling me!”) while I was in Miami with friends. Looking back at those shots and this one in particular, it feels a world away but it is proof that things do change. Like 2009, 2002 was a rough year for the kid but starting 2003 with friends — old and new — in a beautiful place definitely started that year off right.

I won’t be starting ’10 in the sun (damn this snow) and I won’t be with those same friends (a whole other story), but I will bringing this year in right with family and friends. It’s been seven years and I am in a completely different place — able to appreciate that time as well as today. Hell, I don’t even drink vodka anymore as much.

It’s with that constant evolution in mind that this year I will commit to doing all things that I have been too scared/too lazy/too selfish to do. And that includes bringing this blog back to life. It just seems like the right time.

Speaking of timing, when I sat down to write this post — knowing that I had not blogged personally in FOREVER — I found it ironic that this would be my 100th post on this blog. Timing is indeed everything.


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