My Real Friends x Reality TV

Akiwowo Wedding

Ever since I never heard back from “The Real World” back in ’99, I gave up on ever being on reality TV. And I soon realized that I was glad I wasn’t on one (have you seen “Real Chance of Love”). So imagine my surprise when my boy told me that his wedding was going to be featured on a reality show… I wasn’t sold.

The first thing I thought of was “Bridezillas” (yes, I have seen it). They never show people in a positive light — EVER. So, I was a little apprehensive until I heard more about the show. It’s called “Masters of Reception” and its being produced by fellow Jersey native Kelly Ripa and her husband/fellow actor Mark Consuelos. The show really chronicles Frungillos Caterers, a Jersey-based family-owned business that specializes in weddings. Well, one of the weddings they did was for my good friends, Aki and Nana. Check out the trailer below:

BTW, if we end up looking crazy, heads will roll.


3 responses to “My Real Friends x Reality TV

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  2. hehehe I saw this episode 🙂

  3. You did? I thought it premiered this week?

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