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“Black Dynamite” Goes Boom

Black Dynamite

Thank you God for Black Dynamite. OK, that might be a bit much but check out this trailer and tell me that the Michael Jai White (yes, of Spawn “fame”) flick doesn’t look awesome!

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Melanie Fiona x SOB’s

*Not from last night's show*

*Not from last night's show*

I went to check out SRC/Universal recording artist Melanie Fiona last night at New York’s SOB’s…

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I Drink To Artistry

The Roots

Ahh, music and liquor. It’s what every journalist dreams about. I know I am not the only one. So, when the two come together it can be magic — witness the Hennessy Artistry series. And while I don’t drink the “brown juice,” the line-up for the cognac’s fourth annual edition music event is one I can toast to. Want to know who’s performing? Here’s a hint: the photo above.

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I Missed The BBQ

15th Street Agency

So, apparently there have been a lot of “industry” BBQs and picnics this summer and being the Jersey boy that I am I have missed all of them. I suck… I know. That said, I did want to show some love to the ladies of The 135th St Agency by posting a few pics from their 3rd Annual 135th St Agency BBQ.

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Mary J x LeBron

More Than A Game

That’s one headline you never thought you would see, right? No, there’s no secret relationship here (not that I know of at least). Mary J. Blige’s “Stronger” is simply the lead single from the official soundtrack for More Than A Game, The Hoop Dreams-esque flick LeBron James & his high school teammates. Peep the video…

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My Real Friends x Reality TV

Akiwowo Wedding

Ever since I never heard back from “The Real World” back in ’99, I gave up on ever being on reality TV. And I soon realized that I was glad I wasn’t on one (have you seen “Real Chance of Love”). So imagine my surprise when my boy told me that his wedding was going to be featured on a reality show… I wasn’t sold.

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I’m A G.I. Joe Fan But This…

G.I. Joe Con

is some different shit. There’s actually a G.I. Joe Con (think Comic-Con but just for the “Real American Hero”). Wow…

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