I Know, I Know…

Gone Fishing

I have been pretty wack about posting this week (save for this) but I have a good reason. A great one, in fact…

I have not had the time. There, I said it. I don’t owe you any other explanation. But if I were to explain I would probably say something like:

“Lots of great things are brewing… A few projects I can not talk about and a few that I can but won’t until I have links. Deadlines are a bitch, yadda, yadda, yadda!”

That said, I plan to be back in full swing come Monday. And there’s lots to talk about… Comic-Con, my new obsession with summer TV (namely this and this), Jadyn Maria, the new Pac Div mixtape (I haven’t heard it yet but you can cop it here) and my reality TV debut (God help us all!).

Peas (BTW, that’s my supercool way of saying “Peace”)


One response to “I Know, I Know…

  1. my friend kwame’s been saying “peas” since 03! lol

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