Art @ Acme

Wes Orshoski

The Godfather of Soul lives...

I like art (usually) and I like fried food (usually), so I was more than happy to go check out my friend Wes Orshoski’s latest set of music-inspired folk paintings last night (July 1) at New York’s Acme Bar & Grill (which is ironic and awesome since we spent more than a few lunch hours there back in our Billboard days.

Needless to say, Wes is an incredible writer/photographer/artist (jealous much?) and if you’re in the Village you should go and check out his work (also check out the images below). If you’re nice enough, maybe he will sell you one. I doubt he will you commission one like the Stevie Wonder painting he did for me a few years back but still… it’s worth a shot.

Wes Orshoski

Robert Johnson

Wes Orshoski

Junior Willis

Wes Orshoski


One response to “Art @ Acme

  1. You are too kind, my friend, too kind.

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