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Bigger Than Hip-Hop

Rick Ross

The good folks at StreetLevel have allowed me to bless their site yet again… So, what am I talking about this time? Only the BIGGEST new trend in hip-hop (see what I did there?).

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Iron Man 2 Teaser Leaks?

Iron Man 2

No, not really?! LOL But some inventive Comic-Con fans decided to recreate the sought-after trailer that director Jon Favreau premiered at the the Con. Check it!

UPDATED… With real teaser!

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Hip-Hop’s New “Hero” Worship

DJ Hero

We all know the pop culture phenomenon that is Guitar Hero (hell, my 10-year-old nephew — decked out in a Guitar Hero t-shirt — tried to lure me into an ass whooping on the game this weekend), but now hip-hop is getting the same treatment as rock n’ roll with its own game, Activision’s obviously-titled DJ Hero.

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Crazy For Comic-Con

Comic-ConIf you read regularly, you might fancy me as one of the many nerds enthusiasts that have descended on San Diego for Comic-Con 2009 — the single biggest weekend in geekdom. But you know what happens when you assume…

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I Signed With Reebok

Reebok Pump Fury

Well, not really but I do have designed my very own pair of Reebok Pump Fury (seen above) — courtesy of YourReebok. Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

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StreetLevel x Swatch x Billy the Artist

Billy the Artist

I love watches. Like AmEx, I never leave home without one. So, when I recently had the pleasure of talking to renown pop artist Billy the Artist about his CreArt collabo at Swatch for my good friends at StreetLevel I was more than game. Check out the interview here and the watches below.


I Know, I Know…

Gone Fishing

I have been pretty wack about posting this week (save for this) but I have a good reason. A great one, in fact…

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