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R.I.P. Vibe


By now, everyone has weighed in on what happened to Vibe magazine and why. So for the sake of brevity and because I don’t want to be one more voice bemoaning the end of print into the abyss, I will just say best wishes to everyone who has worked over there both past and present. Like many, I too grew up on the magazine, it influenced me greatly, I had the pleasure of writing for them and some of their former employees have become great colleagues, friends and mentors of mine.

Beyond that, here’s the official story about the magazine’s closing AND a really poignant take on what it means to a great writer who’s worked there. That is all.


Not Really Much More Than Meets The Eye


So, I have finally saw Transformers: Rise of the Fox Revenge of the Fallen and the ladies at Parlour Magazine were kind enough to let me review it for them (Thanks, Steely D). Check out my totally awesome review here.

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Jay-Z Murders Auto-Tune With Harvey Keitel


What you want me to do? I’m sorry. He’s back. By now, you have seen Hov’s clip for “D.O.A.” (it premiered after last night’s BET Awards) but if not…

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Ohsokool’s Dear Michael Mixtapes

DJ Ohsokool

UPDATE: Just two damn fine tributes to MiJac. Thanks, Ohsokool… and I Fux Wit It. Download here.

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Rest In Peace, Michael

Michael Jackson

I can’t lie… I wanted to be Michael Jackson when I was little. Despite all the drama, the man was a musical genius, a legend and one of my heroes. All jokes aside… RIP Michael Jackson.

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Leona Lewis Makes Veggies Sexy?

"Vegetables are awesome!"

"Vegetables are awesome!"

The U.K. branch of PETA has named R&B songbird Leona Lewis the Sexiest Female Vegetarian of 2009. Look out, carrots!

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Incase Goes Wood


I don’t have a fancy schmancy iPhone… yet. I actually just got a MacBook… only to have Apple to drop a cheaper version with more memory three weeks later (damn you, Steve Jobs & Co.). But if I did, being the eco-friendly guy that I am, I might cop the new HunterGatherer case from Incase and Arkitip.

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