Let The Data Force Be With You


As a self-proclaimed “nerd” and part-time technie, I OMG’ed (not really) when I saw the Star Wars Mimobot Series 4’s Darth Maul. Don’t know what a Mimobot is you say? Well…

In 2005, Boston-based design house Mimoco decided to fuse the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices making its name known in both the art toy underground and the  electronic world… and the Mimobot USB flash drives were born.

The distinctive character-based Mimobot line offers from 1GB to 8GB of flash memory storage and transport for all your finest and most precious music, docs, pics and other personal data bits and bytes.

Mimobot Darth Maul

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, an all-new series of themed Mimobot characters, beginning with Darth Maul, will be released on June 10. Three additional Star Wars characters that will be revealed on that date as well. Darth Maul is the thirteenth character in the Star Wars Mimobot collection of flash drives, joining current Series 3 characters such as Darth Sidious, the Emperor’s Royal Guard, Wicket the Ewok, and C-3PO.

Other crossover Mimobot-licensed franchises include Domo, Happy Tree Friends and Halo (I never leave home without my Red Spartan).

I wonder if we will see Transformers or G.I. Joe-inspired Mimobots later this year… One can only hope. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see what the other three Star Wars characters will be. Any guesses?


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