If Gin Makes You Sin…

New Amsterdam Gin

If you know me, then you know I like a good drink. If you don’t know me… I like a good drink. I would not say I am an alcoholic, I would say I am an aficionado. So, a while back, I had the pleasure of taking part in a tasting session for New Amsterdam Gin. Want to know what I thought of it?

I EFFING LOVED IT. Just to give you a little background. I started out as a straight vodka guy (namely Grey Goose) but as I have gotten older (yeah 32!) I have started trying other things — namely gin and scotch (more on that later). So, while I was not new to gin, there’s something different about New Amsterdam. Named for New York City’s dutch roots (hence the bottle’s skyscraper-esque design), it has a crispness that reminds you of vodka with a citrusy twist that you would more often find in gin (see, I told you I was an aficionado). It’s actually so smooth that you can drink it straight. I am not saying I did, nor am I saying that the wife and I finished a bottle in a week. I am just saying…

Anyway, it didn’t hurt that the lovely ladies from New Amsterdam brought in master mixologist Alex Ott to mix some “tasting cocktails” for my colleagues and I. They were kind enough to supply some equally “inspiring” images of my two favorites below. The first is a lime juice/ginger ale concoction known as the Soho.

The Soho Drink

The Soho drink

The second drink was The Pearl Street (get it… all the drinks are named after New York City landmarks). A combination of New Amsterdam, liquified honey and sweet and sour mix, it’s a great summer drink.

The Pearl Street drink

The Pearl Street drink

For more information on New Amsterdam (like where to buy a case and send it to a friend as a belated birthday gift), click here.


3 responses to “If Gin Makes You Sin…

  1. Okay so maybe you are an alkie after all

  2. I’m new to alcohol, I’m 22, always said no to it, but recently decided, heck, why not?

    By ‘new,’ I mean I started last week.

    I was just drinking what was already laying around, wine, random beer, etc, but the guy at the liquor store reccomended New Amstey if I wanted to drink something straight.

    I didn’t even put it on the rocks, I just poured it straight into a glass and drank it.

    It was good, tastes like a pine tree, I like it as well. Has a hard kick to it too.

    The bottle I bought was 750 mL. But last night I drank over half of it, haha, kids, don’t try that at home (and if you are under 21, don’t do it at all), because that’s what I did.

    Yeah, it’s good, and it’s affordable. Would definitely reccomend it to someone leary or unsure of gin.

  3. ‘leary’ ? duh

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