Sorority Girl Grooves

Lady Gaga

I am not proud to admit this… BUT my taste in pop songs has been compared to that of a 19-year-old sorority sister. Yeah, I said it. But, it’s not all my fault. Let me explain.

I just happen to appreciate a good song… of any genre. You know who I really blame? My Billboard ex-pats (namely Chuck, Michael and Wes – yes, I am calling out names) put me on to music that I used to quickly dismiss. That was 5 years ago (God, I am old) and now whenever I hear a song, no matter the genre, I can classify it as a good or bad song. The bad ones I try to ignore (looking at you Akon) and the good ones I sing along to when they are on the radio (yes, I listen to the radio and yes, I do sing along *windows rolled up* style).

The problem is lately all the really great pop songs are the same songs that the bubbly blonds of Delta Delta Kappa are blasting. This has confused me and the people who drive with/next to me. Are you now confused? Let me give you an example…

Lady Gaga (seen above) has a song called “Poker Face.” Besides the fact that the title makes me giggle like Quagmire, the song is really catchy and the beat is sick. Check it out:

How can you not sing along?

Kelly Clarkson

Then there’s Kelly Clarkson. I think I am cool with this one because she’s thick and black guys love thick girls (isn’t that the stereotype?). Plus, she can sang and my favorite song of hers (seen below) could have easily been sung by Beyonce.

Taylor Swift

Now, this is the one I am having the most trouble dealing with. Taylor Swift is not only pop but she’s country. I can cop to listening to pop music — it’s really no different than R&B but COUNTRY? Damn you, Taylor for that catchy “Love Story” (watch below)! At least there are others who agree.

Britney Spears

I totally get a pass on this one too as I am invoking the same rule I did with Kelly Clarkson. Plus, it’s Britney, bitch! (insert womp womp here)

Lastly, on the newcomer front, I am also feeling Sariah (seen above) and Tynisha Keli (don’t let the name fool you). Check Sariah’s “Hypnotic” here and one of T.K.’s many YouTube classics below.

I know I am forgetting a few others, but I refuse to post anything about Miley Cyrus even if  “Climb” is a decent pop song. I have some standards.


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