Carmelo and LaLa Take On Tyson

Mike Tyson

It looks like NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony and his TV personality wifey LaLa Vazquez are trying to get their Russell and Kimora on. And by that I mean they are getting their mogul on (obviously). The power couple’s Krossover Productions are behind the forthcoming Tyson documentary.

Tyson, acclaimed indie director James Toback’s stylistically inventive portrait of a mesmerizing Mike Tyson, is their first project as executive producers. According to reports, the film ranges from Tyson’s earliest memories of growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn through his entry into the world of boxing, to his rollercoaster ride in the funhouse of worldwide fame and fortunes won and lost.

“The formation of Krossover came about due to my and Melo’s love for movies, television and eagerness to be apart of something bigger,” LaLa told me via email. “Combing us with [actor] David Haines who is our mentor and a veteran in the business who has worked with will smith for many years was a perfect fit.

“Tyson is a story that needed to be told…especially in HIS own words,” she adds. “He has a cloud of mystery which has produced a lot of misconceptions. This give fans and nah sayers alike a little opening into who he really is.”

Krossover Productions was launched and developed by Melo,  LaLa and Haines in November 2008.  Based in Los Angeles, the company’s mission is to produce and create global content through the medium of Film and TV that connects to and with all human-kind. Krossover Productions learned of the Tyson project through Damon Bingham, the god son of Muhammed Ali and a producer on the project.

Prior to becoming a partner of Krossover Productions, Haines appeared as an actor in films such as Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happiness, Ali, and A Good Man is Hard to Find.

Tyson will be released in New York and Los Angeles on April 24th by Sony Pictures Classics.


One response to “Carmelo and LaLa Take On Tyson

  1. I was shocked at Mike’s lies, fabrications and glaring omissions in this movie. It is obvious that director James Toback is just as devious as Harlan Werner, Robin Givens, Don King and Shelly Finkel, the people responsible for Mike going from being the world’s most popular athlete (1987 European AP poll) to bum of the century.

    Some of the lies:
    1. Managers Jacobs and Cayton signed him when he was under age. Mike never dreamed that this 25 year old contract still exists. Mike was not underage. The boxing commissioner in New York at that time was Jose Torres, another D’amato pupil and a very close friend of Mike’s. Jose could not believe that Mike would tell such a lie. Here an original document, signed by Tyson, and Commissioner Torres, proves Mike to be a liar.

    2. Managers Jacobs and Cayton were “Slave Masters.” If Mike, as he states in the movie, loved and trusted Cus D’amto, why would Cus permit him to sign a boxer/manager contract with two “slave masters.” Mike must have forgotten that at the NBA All Star game at Madison Square Garden 1999 he meets Cayton and says, “Bill, I love you. I’ll never forget what you did for me.” AND THEN KISSES BILL ON THE CHEEK. Yet, in this new movie, 20 years after he was last managed by Jacobs and Cayton, and 10 years after the NBA incident, he now calls Jim and Bill “slave masters.”

    3. In this film Mike says that when he was released by the Indiana Youth Center in 1995 he had $200 million dollars in the bank. He had zero, thanks to Don King. Mike, while in prison, needed cash desperately to pay his legal bills. Don King, Mike’s “brother” could have lent the money to Mike. Instead, Don convinced Mike to cash in $2 million dollars in annuities. Annuities which Cayton and Jacobs advised Mike to invest. Annuities that would have paid Mike $200 thousand dollars a year, tax free, for life. It was important for King to keep Mike broke. Then, every time Mike would fight, Don would be able to rip him off, again and again.

    Then there are the glaring omissions. In this film Mike completely ignores the period, 1985-1988, when he was a hero with original managers Bill Cayton and Jim Jacobs. Mike was the darling of corporate America as evidenced by his being hired to do TV commercials for Pepsi, Nintendo and Kodak. Not enough – he was hired by the NYC Police, the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration to do PSA’s. But, in this new film, Mike did not mention one word of this period in his life. The reason is obvious. It would be very embarrassing for Mike finally to go on record now that he was the happiest kid in the world, and a hero, with Jacobs and Cayton, then get conned over and over. First Givens, then King, then Finkel, and now Toback and Werner.

    Another glaring omission. When Mike spoke about Robin Givens, he said simply he was too young to get married. He must have forgotten that he told Ebony Magazine that she got him to marry her by saying she was pregnant when she never was. That she proclaimed Mike a manic depressive which he never was, That she had her doctor prescribe Lithium to Mike, a powerful drug that Mike did not need. And then the finale, she placed him on the Barbara Walters show where she embarrassed Mike in front of the entire world. And the day after the Walter’s show they broke up and she cleaned out their joint bank accounts.

    Another omission – Mike forgets to mention that he filed multimillion dollar lawsuits against dearest “friends”, Rory Holloway and John Horne, who sold out Mike to Don King.

    Another omission – Mike never mentions the negative effect on his life when he replaced Don King with Shelly Finkel. Finkel keeps Tyson surrounded by drug addicts and convicts to keep Mike away from anyone with a shred of character. And, Finkel permits Tyson to settle his $500 million dollar lawsuit against King for $14 million dollars. The money went directly to the government to pay Mike’s back taxes
    Finkel’s philosophy was the same as King’s – it is critical to keep the fighter broke.

    More than two years ago, director James Toback and current manager Harlen Werner were given numerous suggestions to restore Tyson’s image in a positive way. All suggestions were completely ignored. Why? Because none of these positive suggestions would put money in their pocket. And that is their only objective.
    Steve Lott
    Mike Tyson Assistant Manager
    ( For photos and Toback / Werner letters please go to:

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