On The Go With Flo (TV)

Flo TV

I normally sleep through my commutes in and out of NYC (too bad NJ Transit doesn’t have quiet cars) but a few weeks back I was treated to a demo from the good folks from Flo TV that has me rethinking how I spent that 45 minutes to and fro.

Imagine watching live TV — from news channels like CNN and MSNBC and entertainment offerings from Comedy Central and MTV — on your mobile phone, that’s the basic premise behind Flo TV. All you need is a Flo TV-enabled phone (which they were kind enough to send me FOR A TRIAL PERIOD), available from AT&T and Verizon, and you are off.

Now, truth be told, Flo TV’s signal strength, like other mobile apps, is contingent upon your phone’s signal strength (i.e. Don’t expect to watch “The Daily Show” while you’re on the subway). But on the upside, there’s no more missing the big game or that Obama speech (yes, I know you all are addicted) as you can catch in real time and brilliant resolution (depending largely on your phone).

Flo TV

Currenty, Flo TV can only be viewed on the LG Invision (the one I used), LG Vu, Samsung Access and Samsung Eternity for AT&T; and via VCast from Verizon Wireless. Smartphone users need not worry though. Word has it that Flo is currently working on making their services accessible to iPhone and Blackberry in the near future as well.

So, if you’re the market for a new phone or a new way to kill time wherever you are, check out Flo TV. Just don’t watch and drive… or walk. That would be bad.


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