Going “Wilde” for Company of Thieves

Company of Thieves

Yes, I do like more than just hip-hop and R&B. A perfect example of that is Company of Thieves.

The Chicago band, signed to Wind-up Records, released their debut album, Ordinary Riches, in February. Check out their first video, “Oscar Wilde,” below:

There’s something about Genevieve Schatz’s voice (not to mention how awesome the video is). Let me know what you think…


3 responses to “Going “Wilde” for Company of Thieves

  1. Yes, this band is awesome to say the least, despite what critics say to bash them. Most say that Schatz’s voice sounds too similar to other female vocalists, but her voice is what caught my attention in the first place because it sounded so distinct. Not to mention the great accompaniment of the guitarist, bassist, and drummer. Altogether this band makes amazing music.

  2. Yeahh! Schatz’s voice is amazing! I first heard it on the radio and thought, “Wow! That voice is something else!” I can’t believe someone would say such a thing. that Schatz’s voice sounded like some other female vocalist. Her voice is very different from others. & Yes the bass, electric guitar and drums are very amazing too 🙂

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