More Than Meets The Eye


Or… “Knowing Is Half The Battle.” I was on the fence about this headline since I am a card-carrying fan of G.I. Joe over Transformers BUT  I figured I would go with the popular choice (ugh). Anyway, Shout! Factory has recently announced that they have cut a deal with Hasbro to release the classic cartoons Transformers and G.I. Joe on DVD.



According to Home Media magazine, the first release will be The Transformers: The Complete First Season — 25th Anniversary Edition. The set is slated for June 16. That’s cool and all (especially for those of you who are serious Transformers fans and emailed me this story over the weekened), but I am waiting for the G.I. Joe set… despite the fact that they left Roadblock out of the movie. SMH.

And now for a little walk down memory lane…


One response to “More Than Meets The Eye

  1. Too bad I can’t get flash on my blackberry, I’ll just have to wait till I get to work to take that trip down memory lane.

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