Wholetrain: Germany Goes Graff

I was feeling a little alliteral this afternoon. Anyway, if you’re in the NY tri-state area tomorrow (Feb. 16) and you like graffiti, Germans, indie flicks or a combination of the two, then you should check out a FREE screening of Wholetrain.

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The Student Becomes The Teacher

I don’t need to say much else.

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Citizen Cope’s “Healing Hands”

No sarcasm for this post. Just wanted to share some good music. I am going to try and do that more (no promises re: sarcasm). Citizen Cope is back. I have been a fan of his since he dropped his self-titled debut in 2002 and recently put some new people on to him. Well, he’s got a new album, The RainWater LP, out digitally today (Feb. 9). The first single is murky yet funky “Healing Hands” (listen below). You can thank me later.

Citizen Cope\’s \”Healing Hands\”

Who Needs TV Journalism 101?

If you didn’t know, I love all things British… save for the food, dental hygiene and football. My kind of football is played on Sunday with pads. Anyway, I do love the BBC and British comedies. Check out Brit journalist/comedian Charlie Brooker’s take on what makes a great TV news story here.

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Say It Isn’t So, Little Bro?

So, I got a good news/bad news email today (or was it yesterday?). The good news is Little Brother is dropping their new album, Left Back, on April 20th… (waiting for applause to die down). The bad news is…

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Reflections Are Eternal

This weekend, I attended a memorial service for a friend’s mother. While I never had the pleasure of meeting her, she was obvious an incredible woman of faith and compassion. Everyone who spoke at the service said wonderfully touching things about her (not to mention the fact that the service was standing room only). It got me to thinking, “Who’s lives have a touched in a way that when my time comes they will have the desire to speak of my effect on them?”

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Hollywood, This Plan Better Come Together

You had me at “an elite commando unit” (pause)… Peep The A-Team trailer here.

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Damn you, UNDRCRWN

So much to do, so little time… but I had to post this new hoodie from the good folks at UNDRCRWN.

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Tiger “Unleashed”

Vanity Fair has the internets all abuzz with its new cover feturing a topless Tiger Woods. Peep the image above and I will share my thoughts soon.

Blogging from my BlackBerry… Who knew?

All Black (And White) Everything

New year, new video. Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One” causes pseudo controversy with “Satanic” images… but what about that all-new 2011 Jaguar XJ (seen above)?

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